Dance Movement Therapy

Reconnecting Mind and Body...

Do you struggle with feeling comfortable in your own skin? Does your child have difficulty recognizing when he or she is getting frustrated leading to full on tantrums? Do you struggle with anxiety and traditional talk therapy has not proven to be as helpful as you hoped for? If you answered yes to any of these questions then dance/movement therapy may be the answer to your challenges. 

To participate and benefit from Dance/Movement Therapy, no experience with dance or movement is necessary. All you need is a desire to develop a healthier, more positive and intuitive relationship with your body, as well a willingness to explore your body in a different way. 

In dance/movement therapy we utilize movement as a means of creativity and self-expression. Through specifically tailored movement sequences and exploration, dance/movement therapy can help you begin to tune into your "felt-sense" (Peter Levine), assist you in understanding, tolerating, and using physical sensations to increase ease, comfort and control over your body. By increasing  your body felt awareness you will be able to make healthier and more helpful choices to "act" instead of "react". This, in turn can help you make healthier decisions about your life and overall health. 

Photo by 4x6/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by 4x6/iStock / Getty Images